Student of Life

Looking back on my past in rose-colored hindsight.
I’ve learned so many lessons from all my days.
The beautiful memories always shine bright.
Every experience adds a new view to this maze.

I quietly observe my way through life.
Noticing the small things that mean the most.
Preserving it in my mind to later write,
But never storing up knowledge to boast.

Everyday I see a new color in the spectrum.
I am growing & learning new things by the hour.
The fascination that comes never loses momentum.
I am making connections & my thoughts finally flower.

Although distractions come & go,
They give me an unexpected outlook.
I let the passing feelings flow.
Living life without a guidebook.


Vacant Swing

Hanging from a tree, I see an empty swing,

But below it there’s still a shadow of your being.

Your dark outline reflected onto the grass-

Hair blowing softly as the buzzing bees pass.

I look up but, again, see no one there

Just your lingering presence in the air.

Memories flood in when I look at the swing,

But now the memories are all I have still thriving.

You’ve grown and gone away.

And all I can see anymore is that old swing sway.

So empty, yet filled with the memory of you.

Now I wonder if those memories were really true.