Where East Meets West

Author’s Note: This poem is very special to me. It was inspired by my life & the travels I’ve been on with my family. I was raised by parents who’s relationship would have never existed if it wasn’t for travel. 

My dad was born & raised in New Hampshire. When he was 22 he moved all the way across the country to southeastern Idaho, where my mom was living at the time. She came from a long line of gypsy souls & had moved around most of her life. They soon fell in love & the rest is history. 

Together they’ve lived in many places on both coasts; finding the beauty in all surroundings & learning to be comfortable in different environments. They were constantly torn between the east & west, because they found peace & satisfaction in both places for different reasons. 

My sister & I experience this same feeling because we’ve grown up visiting & living in various states. We’ve encountered different levels of happiness & comfort, unique to each place. Our list of places we want to live when we’re older grows by the day. 

We’ve been taught to believe that home is where the heart is. And the truth is, I’ve left little pieces of my heart in places too numerous to count. Therefore, I’ve made everywhere we’ve roamed my home. The world as a whole is where I feel comfortable & free. 

That is the feeling I wanted to capture in this poem. I hope you enjoy this, for it is about the very foundation of who I am– it is a piece of my heart. 💕 


I soar further into the night,
Abandoning the light.
I go where autumn leaves paint rolling hills,
I go where the granite ridges run across the land.
I go where you can see for miles around,
I go where the winter has deep chills.
I go where the fields are speckled with wildflowers.
I go where the sun rises with the waves.
I go where life is rich with history.
I go to the place I grew up visiting in my youth.

I soar back towards the light,
Running away from the night.
Back to where mountain tops touch the sky,
Back to where the winding rivers lead to warmer oceans.
Back to where glacier peaks split the earth.
Back to where trees are ever-green.
Back to where the sun sets over the sea.
Back to where life is still fresh & new.
Back to the wild west.
Back to the place I call home.

From coast to coast,
I leave behind little pieces of my heart everywhere I go,
And I forever carry the memories I make.
Family in the east,
Family in the west,
Split between the two, all my life.
I guess I’m bound to be a traveler,
Spending my days crossing borderlines.

For father followed the sun to find my mother,
And mother chased the moon to reach my father.
I am a child of both horizons.
A product of the sun’s rays & the moon’s beams,
With Atlantic eyes & a Pacific smile.
Appalachian bones & Cascadian skin.
A maple soul & a cedar spirit.
A girl with an eastern mind & a western heart,
Living a gypsy dream.



It’s all a trick

Lies thick

Words slurred

Vision blurred

Promises broken

Truths unspoken

Heartless acts

Misconstrued facts

Impulsive thinking

Empathy sinking

Violent passion

Lacking compassion

Blind devotion

Fake emotion

Hopeless cries

Severed ties

Pointless fight

Losing sight

Fading kindness

Glorified unrighteousness

Triggered reactions

Hollow satisfactions

Carnivores uncaged

Quick rage

Wrathful glares

Apathetic stares

Distorted minds

Degrading mankind

Find the light–

Without the fight,

With hopeful prayers

Echoed from monsters lairs.