Is there ever really silence?
Or are there things that we don’t hear?
Things that we ignore that could be precious guidance?
Do we just disregard what we really need, out of our own selfish fear?
Even in the silence, things can be heard.
The gentle lapping of water, or an echo far beyond.
The soft tweets of a bird, or distant spoken word.
The booming noises of the world, once the sun has dawned. 
We must listen intently,
Even if it hurts to hear the words,
Or else we’ll suffer consequently.
So we need to listen past the birds
And listen to the silence.
For maybe we’ll finally hear the message–
That’s been the whisper in the wind through all of our existence.


Seasons of Life

I can see through your eyes, 
The newly blooming wildflowers.
I can hear through your ears,
The rushing water of the melting ice.
I can feel your new beginning,
And I know your happiness 
When you see the world in a new light.

I can see through your eyes,
The clear summer skies.
I can hear through your ears,
The flying birds’ song.
I feel the warmth of the unobstructed rays. 
And I know your bliss
When the fruits of your labor finally ripen.

I can see through your eyes,
The dying autumn leaves.
I can hear through your ears,
The crisp winds start to blow.
I can feel your serene sadness as the clouds roll in.
And I know the bittersweet feeling
When you see everything around you begin to change.

I can see through your eyes,
The bare branches of the trees.
I can hear through your ears,
The deafening silence in this barren white terrain.
I can feel the chill numbing your shuddering body.
And I know the feeling of suffering,
Through more days of darkness & fewer days of light.

I can see through your eyes,
All the passing seasons of your life,
I can hear through your ears,
All the laughs & all the cries.
I can feel your sunshine & feel your storms,
And I know all the weather that moves through your skies.

A Mother’s Message

(Inspired by the tragedies of friends & loved ones.) 

To my sleeping child:

Your tender heart did not beat long enough. 

Your precious life was cut too short–

You left my arms too soon.

My life began when you came &

my life ended when you went.

I had a little piece of hope &

it was torn away from me–

But I’ll always cherish the time I had with you.

It was the greatest pleasure of my life

To have held the one I carried, 

To have seen the one I created.

You may have days unlived, 

but never any days unloved.

Though you are not here with me,

Where you should be,

You are forever in my heart,

Forever in my mind,

Forever a part of me.