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Hello, I’m Elise Barretto! I’m 17 years old & I was born in the stunning San Juan Islands area of northwestern Washington. After living there for the first two years of my life, my family & I moved to Orange County, California and we stayed there for a year & a half. Then, we decided to move closer to family in southeastern Idaho. We stayed in Idaho for about nine years. There, I lived next door to my cousins, uncle and aunt, and my grandparents on what you could call a small farmstead. It was a very comfortable & peaceful place to do the majority of my growing up. When I was twelve, we moved back to my birthplace of Washington because of my dad’s work. It’s been about five years since we moved back to Washington and in those five years we’ve lived in several towns throughout the San Juan Island area. Currently, my mom, dad, sister, and I are living on beautiful Camano Island in Washington.

I started this blog upon suggestion of my dad, who said I should get my writings out there. I’ve always loved to write, but my interest really started manifesting itself when I was around 11 & 12. I grew up with parents who had a deep appreciation for literature. My father being a technical writer and editor and my mother (quite a writer herself) being an advocate and lover of literature, it was hard not to inherit their interest.

This blog cosists of original thoughts/poems/memos I’ve written, accompanied by photographs I’ve taken. Photography is another passion of mine. So I thought I’d combine the two in my blog posts.

Along with writing and photography, music is definitely one of my main interests. When I’m not writing, there is hardly a moment I am not either listening to music, or playing my guitar or ukelele.

Thank you very much for reading and visiting my blog. Any feedback or comments is appreciated! Write on!


Email: elise.barretto@gmail.com

Instagram: @letters.fur.elise


5 thoughts on “About The Author

  1. Claudia- I am so sorry about your mom. I cannot express how much this comment means to me. I write my poems for closure for myself and I’ll always write for my own well-being, but comments such as your’s are what make writing and sharing my poems seem worth while. It makes me feel like it’s doing others good too. ❤️ I don’t even know how to describe the feeling I had when I read this comment…it made me very emotional and I was so touched because that poem in particular was really different from what I usually do. I didn’t really know why I was inspired to write it, and I was kinda insecure about it…but it ended up being something healing for you…it’s just such a good feeling. I cannot thank you enough, Claudia! Take care!


  2. Elise…
    I love “Vacant Swing”. When my mom passed away, a very dear friend of mine gave me a picture that he had drawn of an empty swing hanging from a beautiful tree in a meadow. It was so emotional for me. Now I have a beautiful poem to go with it. Thanks

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  3. Hi Elise,
    I met you and your family at Sawyer’s concert in SLC. It was so fun talking you guys. I remember you telling me that you are being homeschooled. My daughter homeschools her daughter and son so I know the level of hard work and commitment it takes to do this. You and your sister are very lucky that you have a mom that has made this commitment to the two of you.
    Sawyer is very blessed to have you and your family as a support to him. And now I discover that you are a very talented young person yourself. I read your collection of poems. They are stunning! You have a GOD given talent. Like Sawyer, you speak from your soul. I look forward to following your work and wish you all the best.
    A new fan…. Claudia

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