Burning from behind the walls of an Antarctic glacier,

Stranded, yelling for the aid of a distant, passing sailor.

Underwater cyclones circling ‘round & ‘round, 

Ears filled with strange noises like a heartbeat from an ultrasound.

Woeful waters of the inner-directed,

Inspiring the self-reflective.

An illusory ruminant,

Living off of sentiment,

But lately more saturnine than starry-eyed. 

Lost, without a compass, as impulsive as the tide. 

Misplaced sanguine,

Tuning out, when I should be tuning in.

It all blends together in contradiction,

Is this experience a recollection, an observation, or a premonition? 

Weighing the scales of what aspects of my mind are credible,

Because apparently being pragmatical is acceptable,

And you must put on the strait jacket of being completely objective,

In lieu of slipping into something a little more subjective.

The rest of the world screams to push down thoughts of pure emotion,

As I cry & hide my heart’s love potions, quietly holding onto devotion.

But every night I dream of the sunrise, 

The incandescent passion within that still underlies,

And the sleepy euphoria of being moonstruck in the astral A.M..

Then, I finally remember what it’s like to be me again.

I’m learning the value in being raw & forthwith,

Because life on earth is futile, so we might as well make a moment of it.


Shades of Red & Blue

Bleeding heart trickles

My favorite shade of red,

Like strawberry tears-

A bittersweet cherry kiss.

Cut my palm on velvet bliss.


Ocean eyes dripping

My favorite shade of blue,

Like blueberry blood-

A lonely forget-me-not.

Freeze my mind with luke-warm thoughts.

Beauty Of Honesty

I slept with woolen socks on my feet,

And a morning dove came to visit my dreams.

Feeling the hummings of the most peaceful of frequencies within me glow,

Like a shaft of sunlight coming through a window,

Illuminating a lace curtain hem like a blushing bride’s veil,

Melting heart- as soft & sensitive as the skin underneath my fingernail,

Drawn like a moth to a flame,

Hoping someone feels the same.

Happiness is the crutch we all lean on,

It brings comfort, like chamomile flowers bring the calm.

So when felicity comes in a sudden rush,

Cheeks tenderly flush.

Vision gets pixelated,

When gazes become fixated.

Eyes grow as big as the harvest moon. 

Souls matching each other’s tunes.

Humans need connection,

Like a bird needs direction.

Not used to the concept of sharing what’s on my mind,

Never thought speaking could be effortless & unconfined.

But now, I don’t think I’ll ever run out of words,

Even though they may be candid & absurd.

All these poems woven like spiderweb strands,

The meticulous works of my hands,

Like the lyrics of my favorite songs, they reveal pieces of me,

The ups & downs that few get to see.

And unlike the changing leaves of fall,

Despite the cold days, the love in my heart won’t change at all.

Simple Wish

Will you meet me in the morning light, 

Under the old climbing tree?

Will you run with me in the golden hour,

Through the quiet flowing field?

Will you sit with me when the moon lights up the sky,

On the creaky front porch swing?

Will you watch the sun set with me,

In the soft green grass?

Will you laugh with me when we see our breath,

In the bitter winter air?

Will you stargaze with me, while music plays,

All through the introspective night?

Will you drive with me, with windows down,

Past the roadside wildflowers?

Will you talk with me, while we ponder life,

Perched atop the old wood fence?

Will you sway with me, when the breeze blows,

Up high on these windy hills?

Will you dance with me, in the falling rain,

While thunder rolls in the distance?

Will you cloud watch with me, from the rooftop,

While the sky is crisp & blue?

Will you walk barefoot with me, along the creek bed,

After a picnic on the bank?

Will you follow me down unknown paths,

Onwards to a new adventure? 

Will you love me, in these simple ways,

While we live in the moment every day?