We sway like sea tides and trees.
Moving in the breeze–
Our boughs break
Because sometimes we have to go against the wake

But new branches will grow in time
And the sun will always shine
Remember, the cold rain will sometimes fall,
But rooted deep like old growth trees, we stand tall.

When the waters get rough and the light begins to fade,
We can ride out each passing wave–
Knowing that every swell we conquer more,
Brings us one league closer to the shore

Those branches, in the fight, we lose,
We can later use–
For when they fall into the churning blue, 
They become the driftwood that gets us through.

Waves will throw us off course, but take note: 
Those waves are also what keeps the ship afloat. 
The whipping wind directs our sails
And against the black night, are the star’s bright trails.

Those storms must come to refresh our soil.
When the clouds part, it is the beautiful contrast to the toil.
That contrast teaches us the value of both sides,
It shows us the importance of a trees’ growing branches & the seas’ changing tides.


The Words In My Heart

My mind journeys into the ebony night.
I hear the tireless words in my heart beckoning to be shaped.
The glorious silence of the dark besets me–
And deep into the night, my booming mind creates.

One thought spirals into a plethora of prose.
Inspiration flows without the distraction of mortality.
My magnum opus emerges from the caverns of my soul.
With each poem, I set free my raw emotion into the uncharted territory of reality.

It’s a terrifying thing to release that fragment of who I am.
Letting go of my developing creation for it to become something resolute.
Once unbound from my mind, I can no longer cherish it as my own.
A vulnerable feeling begins to constitute.

I have worked earnestly to stitch my humble heart onto my sleeve,
And I am weakened by the courage it takes to put my innermost thoughts on display.
Still, I can’t shake the drive to share, hoping to help ones who might feel the same–
Maybe the words in my heart will inspire a fellow creator to tread forth & convey.