Sweet Peas & Bumblebees

A field brimming with sweet peas & bumblebees

Creativity bursting–

Dancing through the blooming Queen Anne’s Lace,

Running through the passing daisies

All laughs & smiles, without a care.

Engulfed in the gentle bliss of nature,

With soft sunshine warming hearts.

Euphoria pours in,

Contentment pours out.

Leaves on tree branches cast shadows on golden flushed cheeks.

Eyes of blue glowing in the light that shines between those shadows.

Sunset sparks, painting the sky with honeyed hues,

The finale of nature’s beautiful play.

The evening dawns, souls radiating with the serenity of the day.

Minds filled with soothing thoughts,

Softening into sleep–

Fading into tender dreams.


The Rose 

There was once a wild rose, 
growing in this world of thorns.
Always a thing of beauty,
living amongst the storm.

It was something fresh and new,
a dazzling contrast to the hate.
It grew past the wicked thorns.
Each passerby, it would captivate.

But one day, the thorns cut off the flower’s petals, 
when they got too close.
For they, too, were mesmerized
By the beauty of a rose.

They didn’t know the strength they had,
Could crush the thing they once adored.
All too caught up in the moment,
To think about the power of their sword.