Deep White

White is always called clear and light.

Yet- it is never called deep.

People always say “consumed by darkness” 

But white consumes, much like black, often, blindingly so to speak.

White and black, the two contrasts of life itself, 

Have more similarities than they do differences, yes.

White bears strong presence & strikes a scene, like black.

You can lose your sense of being, in white, just as you can in darkness. 

So I will now say, 

White is dark. 

White is deep. 

White is stark.



White is the blank page I write on now.

It is the artist’s unmarked canvas.

White is the purity of a wedding vow

And cotton blowing in the breeze of harvest.


White is tranquility.

It is peace symbolized.

White means clarity.

It is a new perspective realized.


White is the backdrop to brilliant blue eyes.

It is a smile’s memorable flash.

White is the clouds in crystal clear skies.

And the crests of waves as they splash.


White is an empty expanse.

It is curtains floating in the wind-

Like a silken dress that moves with a dance.

It is the wash of cleanliness for those who have sinned.


White is delicate porcelain vases.

It is ice after a freeze.

White is geishas’ painted faces

And living life with ease.


White is sidewalk chalk on a child’s hands.

It is goose down pillows in the morning light.

White is Caribbean sands.

It is the stars shining against the night.


White is the soft petals of a daisy.

It is the blossoming Queen Anne’s lace.

White is the feeling of finally being free

And the bliss of running through a vacant space.


White was this blank paper I have filled with phrase.

It was this now marked canvas.

White surrounds the ebony letters that gild the page.

It is the striking contrast to their blackness.

Fears and Dreams

Our fears and dreams

are always smaller than they seem.

To ourselves, they feel daunting

Dangling right in front of us- so taunting.

Sometimes one step in the right direction 

Brings us two steps back, tightening the tension,

But dreams are more attainable than we think

And our fears, in time, will shrink.