Story behind the title “Letters Fur Elise”

So here’s a little background info on my blog name. There is a reference behind the title.

My parents, avid fans of music, named me after the two songs:

“A Letter to Elise” by The Cure and “Für Elise” by Ludwid Van Beethoven

My blog name is a combination of those two songs’ titles. Both are kind of contrasting songs. One being from the very start of the grunge era of the 90s and the other from the height of classical music in the 1800s. Yet, I feel like that describes me pretty well. Not only is my musical taste very diverse, but I often have multiple and varying opinions or views that are all over the spectrum. (That will probably be noticeable in my writings. ;p ) I like to look at every facet of a situation.

Anyways, hopefully that cleared any confusion some may have had on the blog title.

Thanks for reading.


Here are the links to the songs if anyone wants to listen:

A Letter To Elise by The Cure:

Für Elise by Ludvid Van Beethoven: