The Follow Through

You have your good days,
Then, in an instant, you fade into a dreary haze.
Close calls, you’ve had quite a few,
But my worried mind wonders: will you ever follow through?

For a moment in time, you’re on cloud nine,
But then the switch is flipped and you cross the line.
I’ve had to talk you off the edge of doing the one thing you can’t undo,
But will you ever follow through?

At times, you feel the joy, completely.
Then, in a flash, the sadness cuts all too deeply.
You were on the threshold of a falling, yet you withdrew,
But will you ever follow through?

I look at you and catch a smile on your face,
But when I look again, I see the tears begin to race.
I’ve untied the knots of your rope in hand, changing the escape plan you had in view,
But will you ever follow through?

Your sweet laugh, so cheerful while it lasts,
Quickly changes to a cry when you’re overtaken by memories of the past.
I’ve stopped you from ending it all, for you’ve never seen how your life can renew,
But will you ever follow through?

You’re beaming with glee, but it’s just a phase,
For then you realize that your happiness never stays.
I’ve nursed the wounds from when you tried to make your fleshly pain outdo,
But will you ever follow through?

You’ve been able to forget the hurt with a distraction now and then,
But when you come back down to earth, it leaves you heartbroken.
I’ve pulled you from deep, inky waters, so blue,
But will you ever follow through?

I’ve been dancing on thin ice, always wary of what to say,
Never knowing if it’s “one of those days.”
I’ve thrown the gun from your shaking grasp before it took you,
But will you ever follow through?

Now I’m looking at a tear stained envelope, on it, your handwriting lettered,
“To Those Who Mattered”
Alone with nowhere to turn to,
I fear I’ve reached your follow through.


Trembling Hands

Your trembling hands

Seem so small

Try to pick up the pieces

But they just fall


Deep in this pit

Trapped in your solitary mind

You can’t admit

That you’re really dying inside


Can’t escape this now

It hunts you like it’s prey

Then takes it’s final bow

And leaves you crippled where you lay


Tears well in the corners of your eyes

Have to hold them back

Just add it to the pile of lies

The courage you lack


You went down to where the river runs

And you breathed in the blue

As it filled your lungs

Your life’s emptiness was in view


Felt the calming ebbs of the stream

Ease you into your last tranquil bliss

Dreaming your final dream

Wonderin’ if you’ll be missed


Now we sit here staring at the clouds

Watching your dagger pour down on your stone

Shock starts to settle in the crowd

The tears wet their cheeks right down to the bone


You just couldn’t be happy

Your smile was never real

You tried to let it be

But you’d forgotten how to feel