Dust in the sunlight is the tranquil dance of a million fireflies,
From the perspective of a poet.

A crowded room is a lonely place,
From the perspective of a person who feels alone.

Superficial conversation is a lethal poison,
From the perspective of a deep thinker.

A small moment, that most don’t notice, is a meaningful memory,
From the perspective of an introvert.

Completing a simple task is like scaling a mountain,
From the perspective of the anxious minded.

A happy person is blatant mockery,
From the perspective of a depressed soul.

Sitting in silence is a dangerous pastime,
From the perspective of a person with ear-splitting thoughts.

A profound connection is a rare & special silver lining,
From the perspective of the hopeless.

Strong opinions are better kept hidden,
From the perspective of a people pleaser.

A withheld truth is a bitter betrayal,
From the perspective of the brutally honest.

Completely letting go is an impossible thing,
From the perspective of the fiercely loyal.

A willful sin means life or death,
From the perspective of those strong in faith.

Free will is a overwhelming confusion,
From the perspective of those with a righteous conscience.

A decision is a bloody war of emotions & logic,
From the perspective of an indecisive person.

Making a sacrifice is an easier load to carry,
From the perspective of those who are passive.

Taking a risk is like taking a bullet,
From the perspective of the hesitant.

Others’ feelings & actions are always justified,
From the perspective of the empathic.

And everything can be understood,
From the perspective of another man’s shoes.

I wrote this poem in a couple of hours. It was the kind of poem that suddenly comes to me, almost complete, and I can’t stop writing until I’ve finished getting it all down. There was no stopping the creative flow. When I was writing it, I could hear the words very clearly in my mind. I found myself saying each word out loud as I wrote it. So, I decided to do a recitation video of this poem because I wanted to channel the emotions more. Whenever I hear something read aloud, it makes it that much more personal & it resonates more deeply. I hope it has that effect on you. As always, thank you. Here is the video: 



Falling (Poetry Recitation)

Undeveloped mind wanders off a cliff, alone.

The sky turns a rare shade of gold,

As the air cradles the falling thoughts.

Falling– like stars from the heavens.

Glowing, burning, but weightless & free.

Too much, too fast!

Under the pressure of freedom & gravity,

Directions surround.

With too many choices, where does one turn?

Which way does this star fall?



Or far away into the horizon?


A plethora of options,

Yet, you’re stuck in suspended animation.

Stuck with no place to turn

Forever falling,


Well…I’m a little nervous sharing this poem… because it’s completely raw & unedited. I decided to challenge myself & do something called “speed writing”. It’s when you set a timer & write whatever comes to mind until the timer stops. I set my timer for five minutes & let the words flow without a second thought. I don’t necessarily know where the inspiration for this poem came from, but I do know that I felt it very deeply, as I was writing it & I’m happy with the result. Since this writing shaped into a free verse piece, I felt the need to express it in spoken word to convey the emotions more. Below is an old video I took of an inspiring sunrise, with an audio recording of me reading this poem dubbed over it. I have never posted a poetry recitation before, so please bear with me. I’m learning the value of being vulnerable for the sake of art & human connection. I hope you enjoy! As always, thank you all so much for reading!!