Repairing a tear in an old super-8 film,

Blowing the dust off,

And letting the reel run for the first time in decades.

The only nuance is a scratchy gap in between scenes.

It just adds more flicks of character & texture on the big screen.

Overlaying an ambient soundtrack to the vintage footage,

To overlap the old & new in cinematic harmony,

Close the void,

Like jumping the rift in time,

All for the sake of making art out of the rips & wrinkles.

Softening the split edges,

And filling in the cracks of a broken vase with liquid gold.

Looking through the telescope into the future,

Horizons perceivable,

Horizons attainable.

Yet, a long & winding road leads to each milestone.

Lava boils at the borders of the path,

But wildflowers line the drop offs & cushion the harboring heat.

Good comes out of the bad,

And bad is bound to come out of the good.

Life is just a rough mix of igneous & metamorphic stones,

Sedimentary situations develop.

They develop like camera film,

Back in the times where instant gratification wasn’t so much of a problem.

You shot your shots and hoped for the best,

Back when patience & perseverance prevailed,

Because you had to finish the whole reel before you could see the outcome of your efforts-

Before you could see your final masterpiece come to life right before your eyes.


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