Going to bed when the rooster crows,

Kind of like taking afternoon catnaps at the break of dawn & finally waking up at nightfall.

Backwards habits, inside out routines, upside down patterns.

But it’s alright,

The timing isn’t bad at all,

It’s actually picture perfect serendipity.

Visions of my life, morphing into the silhouette of a candle,

The candle is multidimensional & prismatic,

And it is burning on every single one of its infinite ends.

Flames flicker in their final fury,

As I lip my last lackluster lament,

Because I don’t want to focus on the pain.

I expose these frailties within me,

For the sake of having strength in the weakness,

For the sake of being real.

Nothing is wrong, as long as your motives are pure.

Nothing is too much or too little as long as you’re true.

You’re always justified if you’re passionate, respectful, & kind in your pursuing.

Change the gears of your mind,

Find the blessed balance of tuning in & tuning out.

Because everything can be meaningful, if you just alter your perspective.

There’s no break in the tide, just an ever-flowing wave,

Let yourself get swept away in the riptide of optimistic tendencies.

Love & happiness can enrapture & saturate your soul so completely,

That it hurts your chest when you breathe a little too deeply,

But it’s that breathe deep, feel the rain, kiss the sky, joy that makes us feel alive again-

That makes life feel like it’s worth the effort.

I just wish I could bottle up that happiness & make it last,

So that when I’m upset, I could pour myself a glass from the past,

And savor its sweet, sweet contrast.

While the magic potion that is positive emotion has the power to heal & revive,

It also has the power to blind.

But it’s alright,

Because the candle hasn’t burned this brightly in years.

And I’m tired of being petrified by my fears.


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