I love meeting the gaze of those ever-changing eyes,

They hold all the colors underneath the sun,

It’s like looking at the whole universe capsulized in two swirling orbs.

They are anchored so strongly in that caring stare,

I swear they peer straight into my soul.

Caught up & hypnotized, 

Time stops,

Suddenly you are all I see,

And that moment is all that matters.

In that instant, deeply raw & vulnerable, yet exuding such rare comfort & peace.

Those eyes–

So expressive and ornate,

They see the sense in my jumbled phrases when I try to convey what’s in my heart.

Like glass, they reflect the light like glistening prisms.

They say everything that needs to be said in a single glance. 

Please remember,

My eyes will always shine the truest blue for you.

Their contents spill over, right here before us,

When I see you, oh how my inner tides swell, 

Because my eyes contain oceans & your’s have the luring pull of the moon. 


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