Author’s Note: This poem is about the wonderful, but rare feeling of getting to know someone naturally & comfortably. 

Blooming souls aglow

While the watercolor evening brushes the fields golden honey–

Sweet, slow-moving, & healing.

The fleeting present moment,

Is the only thing that matters.

Silent & taciturn, but the words flow.

Saying the important things,

Without speaking.

Guarded hearts begin to share,

Unlocking their innermost cells.

Open minds like open meadows,

A pleasant pasture where wild thoughts grow,

Free & uncontrolled.

Raw & real.

Unfiltered truths, dusted effortlessly like pollen spores on cottonwood flowers.

Fingertips magnetized to elicit a fellow sense of touch,

Brushing softly against skin, is the sparkling dew dampened blades of grass,

Dripping drops of mutual understanding deep into our pores–

Touching our cores.

Tender expressions strike a chord & echo in harmony,

Like the birds’ sweet songs.

Dusk dawns,

Humble hearts are full.

Tiptoe, barefoot 

Through milky moon beams

Shining on the dirt path

That winds through shadowed hills 

Winding like our thoughts on this introspective night-

Winding & intertwining with the ancient trees’ climbing branches…

Climbing branches to be closer to the sky.

To be closer to the cosmos,

To be closer to the deeper things–

To grow closer to you.


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