People are stitched to memories & memories are stitched to places.

In our minds, those memories of people & places leave their traces.

What happens when those people leave? 

What happens when those people turn cold & deceive? 

The memories become tainted & tepid

And those places the memories were made are no longer poetic, but leaded.

I cannot find pleasure in this beautiful place anymore. 

It makes me angry & heartbroken to be reminded of times before.

I’ve drifted away from those happy times,

And I can’t even find solace in my rhymes.

I guess the fading away happened on both ends,

Like how stars in a constellation grow dim when the sun transcends.

Now my place in this part of the sky has become dull & muted.

All of a sudden the charted stars must be rerouted.

I have to dance with these shifts & changes–

Make new memories in new places with new faces.

I must be free to discover myself again,

Without all these reminders of who I was back then.

I can no longer glow in this group of stars,

So I will find another constellation to shine in, despite my old scars.


One thought on “When The Strings Attached Begin To Fray

  1. Once again Elise, you have captured a truth that we all go through throughout our lives. Wondering if you should stay and fight or move on. Everyone comes into our life at the right time, right place. When we have learned what we were to learn, we all move on to the next lesson, the next soul friends that come along to help us learn. To complete our purpose. Thank you for putting your thoughts and feelings on paper, sharing with all the read. Someone will read this and begin to open up.
    Golden Love and Light


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