I miss the sound & sight,
Of the ocean’s undulations in the moonlight.
Misty mornings with the eagle & the osprey,
Quilted fog blanketing the quiescent bay.
The first snow dusted atop the evergreens,
And the first wild poppy setting spring’s scene.
The humble breathe of autumn upon my skin,
And the smell of saltwater as summer begins.
Sweet days in our pocket of sunshine,
My peaceful place, my sanctuary, my shrine.
I miss dancing with the tide,
In those cresting waves I would confide.
The familiar push & pull,
The run away & the chase– lulled my soul.
In that place I spawned connections as deep as that sea,
With friends, family, & even with me.
There is where I blossomed & bloomed,
And I discovered a side of me I never knew,
I found myself in nature’s intricacies,
It taught me to observe, to take the time to truly see,
I learned not to focus on doing, but to simply focus on being–
To take note of every little thing.
These lessons have stayed with me, but my mind is in a different place,
I look in the mirror & there’s an unfamiliarity to my face.
Again, I feel myself changing & searching for who I am.
Yet, this time I feel like I was pulled into the water, without ever having swam.
Now each night I fall asleep to the rainfall.
And I wake to the fox call,
These days, I dance with the wind in the trees,
Tucked away in this forested alley.
I am trying to learn once more from nature’s ways,
But it’s hard to connect, as much as I did with the waves.


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