Forgotten rhymes hide between the dusty attic rafters in my mind.

Untold tales stare out through the stained glass windows in my eyes.

Clouded thoughts drip their raindrops through the tin roof of my soul. 

Unwanted memories are veiled by the dark curtains in the corners of my core.

Fragile heart guarded safely by the birdcage of bones in my chest. 

Unheard cries stay deep inside the cold cellar of my lungs.

Shunned regrets knocking on the front door of my brow.

Unrepentant lies echo through the corridors of my ears.

Empty promises hang like cobwebs on the built up walls of my being.

Unspoken words catch like soot in the chimney of my throat. 

Shaky breaths try to escape through the cracks of my wooden floor lips. 

Unfulfilled dreams lurk ominously within the hollow shafts of my veins.

All these hidden moments of my life, housed in this tired, broken body of mine. 


6 thoughts on “The Things We Store Inside

  1. Hauntingly profound, Elise. You haven’t lived the years that it takes to cultivate such talents. You are so in touch with yourself, it’s beautiful to witness your gifts take flight.

    Liked by 1 person

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