I sit and watch a crowd,
As the world spins by, fast & loud,
I examine every person & think about how
Each one lives a unique life, yet all of us share this moment of being right here, right now.
Our stories, experiences, & memories are all unlike.
I can’t help but wonder what each person is like,
I closely watch each one pass
Saddened by the thought that you never know if this day could be their last.
I want to know the reasons for every frown & smile I see.
I want to know those who go home to down pillows, and those who make their beds under a tree.
I want to try & help those having a bad day.
Offer advice, or just be there to listen to every word they say.
I want to cheer with them during happy times,
Be there to celebrate the things they accomplished in their lifetime.
I yearn to hear their stories & tales.
I want to be there through their joys & their ails.
Yet all I do is observe,
My own well-being, I must preserve.
For, I inevitably feel so much of others’ emotions.
I can’t take on added worries & pour more water into my heart’s already flooding oceans.
Yet, I still notice the pain, the glee,
In each & every face that I see.
So I’ll just sit & watch the crowd.
As the world spins by, fast & loud.


5 thoughts on “Watching The Crowd

  1. This is so beautiful Elise. And you know that your intention, your attention, your caring, even if no words are spoken, helps. Putting it in writing, here, makes it real. You are helping. Just being who you are. Love you true girlie! 💞

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jenna- I can’t thank you enough for your kindhearted comments. You know just what to say at the right time. Your thoughtful comments always make me smile. Thank you very much! Love you too, dear Jenna! 💕


  2. Elise! Thank you for your gift of putting into beautiful words what we can only feel in our hearts and don’t know how to express it! You have Preserve your beautiful soul and don’t let anybody or anything change who you are!

    Liked by 1 person

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