Is there ever really silence?
Or are there things that we don’t hear?
Things that we ignore that could be precious guidance?
Do we just disregard what we really need, out of our own selfish fear?
Even in the silence, things can be heard.
The gentle lapping of water, or an echo far beyond.
The soft tweets of a bird, or distant spoken word.
The booming noises of the world, once the sun has dawned.
We must listen intently,
Even if it hurts to hear the words,
Or else we’ll suffer consequently.
So we need to listen past the birds
And listen to the silence.
For maybe we’ll finally hear the message–
That’s been the whisper in the wind through all of our existence.


2 thoughts on “Silence 

  1. Spot on, Elise. We all have all the guidance and wisdom we need right here, if only we would listen. Love that you know this and share this knowledge with the world! Thank you for shining your light and helping to vanquish the darkness! 💖

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