Your trembling hands

Seem so small

Try to pick up the pieces

But they just fall


Deep in this pit

Trapped in your solitary mind

You can’t admit

That you’re really dying inside


Can’t escape this now

It hunts you like it’s prey

Then takes it’s final bow

And leaves you crippled where you lay


Tears well in the corners of your eyes

Have to hold them back

Just add it to the pile of lies

The courage you lack


You went down to where the river runs

And you breathed in the blue

As it filled your lungs

Your life’s emptiness was in view


Felt the calming ebbs of the stream

Ease you into your last tranquil bliss

Dreaming your final dream

Wonderin’ if you’ll be missed


Now we sit here staring at the clouds

Watching your dagger pour down on your stone

Shock starts to settle in the crowd

The tears wet their cheeks right down to the bone


You just couldn’t be happy

Your smile was never real

You tried to let it be

But you’d forgotten how to feel


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