There is a sleepiness I only get in the afternoon.

Caffine doesn’t even make me immune.

It happens when that bright strip of sunshine spreads across a scene.

That point in time completely unforeseen.

A brief swell of happiness comes along.

A beautifully serene moment, that doesn’t last for long.

An alpenglow-resemblant sight, and it’s gone in an instant.

In that moment, I feel reminiscent.

A nostalgia for the present.

Not wanting this minute to end— the negativity I’m trying to prevent.

But these times are usually paired with a sadness.

The sadness, I can’t really express.

The reasons for this sadness are not exactly justifiable.

I just don’t feel quite stable.

It’s one of those times when I’m sad and I can’t pinpoint why.

When my mind is no more my ally.

When I am thinking too much.

And I’m caught in a pessimistic clutch.

When I am trapped in this grasp, the second I am alone, I feel lonely.

Yet, when I’m with people, I want to be alone.

It’s an uneasy mood.

And it makes my insecurities protrude.

I have to attempt to view things from a different perspective.

And try for a moment to stop being so introspective.

After a while, I can dampen the feelings.

I just have to keep my mind focused on things that are appealing.


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