Out here, I sit.

With the sound of loons, slow waves, and spring peepers-

Sounds that have become familiar to my ears,

But will soon no longer be heard

Or perceived in the same way.

I observe lovers below,

Lovers both human and Aves,



Knowing they have one another.


with little cover up,

I do not feel the lonely chill

In this cold haze I ascertain and encounter

Because good people,

Comforting memories,

And refreshing encouragement

Bring so much warmth

To my core.

It radiates throughout me

And kindles fire in my soul

That thaws the pillars of ice that had slowly formed within me.

These icy stalagmites-

I could not and still cannot fully comprehend.

Yet, they put me in a hypothermic state,

Tiring me and clouding my perceptions
Of the important things in life.

Constantly stabbing the points that were most delicate,

Yet, wounding my strongest points in the same way–

Leaving my being exhausted beyond belief,

But after opening my heart fully in writing and in satisfying and consoling verbalization of thought,

While others do the same,

I feel rebooted back and revived.

I receive the awareness of being genuinely





And valued.

Making me feel the same, in return, about others.

The fog on the mirror has evaporated

And I can exhale in contentment.


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