I see everything in life from an apeirogonal perspective.

Infinite sides to things that I see only by being a person who is reflective.

Curiosity, I believe, can keep you in sync, as long as it’s confined to only what you think.

Thoughts do swirl within.

Oh how they spin–

In my mind it’s never dim.

These thoughts, then, consist of, the list of examples thereof:

What is to come next?

What makes people vexed?

Why are only some vindicated, while more are immolated?

Why do friends & family mitigate, when others just debilitate?

Is there ever rhyme or reason,
to human beings repletion?

Do dogs see in greyscale?

How do people even read braille?

Why is there comfort in the word pillow?

Why do the waves billow?

Why do we think some things vain, but other things go through so much pain to attain?

Why are some people’s brains sometimes so clouded, so much that people are astounded?

How does a person at one time so wise, lose all wisdom once they gaze into their lover’s eyes?

Why are some nights spend in consistent thought, when another nights it’s as if my brain had a clot?

Why does inspiration come at random, usually after reading someone else’s memorandum?

Why do sometimes things quickly flow from my throat, yet other times my lips are like a dried up moat?

Questions eddy in my mind,

when answers aren’t quick to find.


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